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This is one of my favorite pieces of art in the East Village. Today it feels empty. hard. wrong. unfair. to look at such a happy picture swimming in peace while innocent Syrians are struggling for their lives.

It is hard to see a country distressed already by war undergo chemical attack.

It is also hard to see a strike sanctioned by the President of the United States that did not go through the proper channels or have legal authorization.

It is also hard to live in a country that doesn’t readily welcome Syrian refugees. @NPR published the number of Syrian refugees let into the U.S in the last 3 years recently:

2016: 15,479

2017: 3,024

2018: 11

Most of all, it is hard to see children, babies, mothers, and people of all kind dying.

It is hard to imagine peace.

Circle of Health is an international NGO that aligns itself with local organizations led and powered by women. They work to help keep mamas and babies safe in the most vulnerable places in the world. As disconnected as I am to this tragedy in Syria, I am glad to know of the work of Circle of Health, who has been working triple time since the recent attacks in Ghouta.

Circle of Health is imaging peace and healing every day in the world and today I join them.

If you are inclined to give financially to their efforts, the link to donate is in @Circleofhealth’s bio. If you can’t give financially, give of your mind. Give your awareness. Give your voice.

Imagine peace. Imagine radical welcome. It’s a little easier when we do this together.

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