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A new voice for socially conscious kids, causes and communities.

Raising Imagination is a movement:
a way to think, act, question, and create,
using our intrinsic imagination to create a better world.

The name Raising Imagination has multiple meanings.

  • We Raise Imaginations in our Homes as an Intentional Method of Parenting.
    The best way we’ve found to:
    raise humans with the capacity to care,
    understand their bound liberation to everyone and everything,
    see their white privilege,
    and be concerned citizens
    is to give them space to question…
    and to imagine a different way if what they see or experience doesn’t feel right.
  • We collectively raise imaginations.
    The conversations we have, questions we pose, and articles we share will cause us all to think differently about the world. We find that we have more in common than not when we lead and speak from places of information, curiosity, passion, and love. This intentional way of being raises our collective imagination for progressive change and collective liberation.
  • Our individual imaginations rise as we listen to the wisdom around us.
    When a 3 yr old was asked what he’d like to write on his sign for a gun reform event, he said, “Why do you have that gun?” Which naturally makes us question the very nature of weapons, public safety, guns, violence, policing, security and self-defense. There is wisdom all around us. Are we listening and open to evolving?

We currently offer three types of workshops, Religious Services, and a Faith Votes Series geared towards the Midterms and 2024 Elections. Subscribe to our newsletter to be the first to know about future offerings.

Raising Imagination is the brainchild of founder Amanda Hambrick Ashcraft who credits its’ origins to her small town roots turned big city life, the curiosity of her three young kids, her insistence on asking “who makes the rules,” racial uprising and police brutality around the murder of Michael Brown (and before and beyond, beyond, beyond…), the Presidential Election Cycle of 2016 and her ever-evolving journey to divest from whiteness.


Raising Imagination is heavily influenced by and indebted to some of Amanda’s favorite theologians, cultural critics, and activists, including: