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Workshops & Events

Raising Imagination offers three types of workshops.

  • Evergreen (Learn more about each, and book today!)
    • Parenting is Political: No Matter How you Do It
    • Raising Imagination
    • Raising Feminists + Breaking down Gender Constructs
    • Dear White Parents: Are you Still Talking to your Kids About Race?
  • Collaborative
    If you don’t see a topic you’d like to explore, reach out! We’d love to craft something together. Opportunities for sequential and/or longer workshops are also available; contact us to create the perfect series for your organization or group.
  • Concierge
    Let us take care of everything for you. You tell us your topic and budget, and we’ll put together a workshop or event to your liking, taking care of all administration and operations. We’ve executed digital and in-person events of all kinds, including a book launch with Frederick Joseph, Freedom Labs for Middle Church, “Stop the Bans” and “Close the Camps” Activism Rallies, a 15th Anniversary Gala for Rauschenbusch Metro Ministries, a “burn-the-note” celebration for Fifth Avenue Presbytertian Church, and a 5-week digital series on the works of bell hooks.

Evergreen Workshops

For all non-corporate organizations and groups, Evergreen Workshops are:
1 ½ hours

(For in person workshops, travel and accommodations must be paid.)
Book an Evergreen Raising Imagination Workshop Today!

Parenting is Political: No Matter How you Do It

In this workshop, we’ll walk through this article, written by founder Amanda, and discuss the political nature of parenting, no matter where we fall on the political spectrum.

This workshop is geared toward adults and is open to caregivers of all types.

Raising Imagination

For Adults

In this high-level introductory workshop, we’ll dive into how we can engage lofty cultural concepts, partisan buzz words, and the plethora of questions that live rent-free in our heads about the abysmal state of the world coupled with our desire to make it better. We’ll leave with practical questions and theories of change that will reorient how we think, act, and believe. We’ll pose questions such as:

  • What does it mean to raise imagination? Personally? Collectively?
  • What do we need to commit to imagining together to bring about collective liberation?
  • How did we get to be who we are? Believe the things we do? Vote the ways we do? And … why does it matter that we ask these questions?
  • How can we tap into the inherent imagination inside each of us to create a better world?

For Kids (note this is a 45minute workshop rather than an hour)

In this engaging, interactive workshop, children (ideally ages 5-8) engage in activities and lessons about how we can imagine –and be active participants in creating – a world full of love, justice, equality, and liberation. Topics of exploration include:

Race and white supremacy
Upstanders vs. bystanders
Civic Engagement

Children will leave with a positive appreciation of themselves and their ability to make the world a better place because of exactly who they are. Caregivers will be provided resources and follow-up questions and activities to continue the conversations.

Raising Feminists + Breaking down Gender Constructs

In this workshop, we’ll discuss, as bell hooks taught us, how feminism really is for everybody and how we’d all be in better place if we understood and embodied intersectional feminism in how we raise the next generation. We’ll discuss the negative psychological impacts of “traditional” gender roles and explore alternative vocalubary and methodologies for gender expansive caregiving. We won’t just talk abstractly, we’ll provide conversation starters and verbatims from lived experience.

Workshop conversation starters and verbatims

  • What do you say when your child picks out the pink shirt and says she likes it because pink is for girls?
  • How do you talk about misogynistic themes and representation in popular children’s books such as Dog Man and Harry Potter?
  • How do we respond when another adult shames a young boy for painting their fingernails?

This workshop is geared towards adults and caregives of all kinds.

Dear White Parents: Are you Still Talking to your Kids About Race?

In this workshop, founder Amanda will walk participants through this article and we’ll explore together how to raise white children with an Intersectional, Inclusive Imagination for Social Change and dismantling whiteness. This workshop is geared towards adults and caregivers of all types who identify as white.