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Election Night on Fox News

https://youtu.be/nPwHCjBpXMY Only a few minutes. A whole (subset) of a nation watching. What would you say?

Pro all the Babies & What are we really talking about here?

Is there anything more complex than abortion? Forget the religiously/politically/socially charged conversation around it - I'm talking about the act of having or considering having one. THAT is deeply personal and complicated-a truth conveniently (intentionally) left out of the politically…
Photo by Octavio Valencia

Lessons from the Playground: Racism, COVID, & White Silence

Playgrounds are political! Let's use the opportunities right in front us us say the things we need to say to imagine the world we want.

5 Ways to Liberate Mother’s Day

I don't have to tell you that Mother's Day is complicated. Estranged relationships, deceased mothers, mothers unjustly behind bars or walls, infertility, narrow definitions of gender and mother, and the raced and classed way society classifies a "good" mother just…

Gifts that Gift the World

It's the season of giving. If you're into giving, I highly recommend Wonder Crate, a new subscription box that inspires kids to think big about the impact they can have, while giving them the tools to do so! I'm very…
December 3, 2018

Stronger Together: Conversations that Unite

A common characteristic of white supremacy is pitting oppressed groups against each other.  This is currently happening with a media uproar attacking the Women's March, citing anti-semitism, bigotry and hatred in their leaders.  This couldn't be further from the truth.  I…
November 21, 2018

Patriarchy Has no Gender

This topic is so deep that one post is inadequate. I've hesitated writing this post for a long time -- because there's so much in my head, so many instances, statistics, things I've seen, experienced, and read, so much I…
November 16, 2018

All Moms Work

All Moms wish they can be in more than one place at once. And all Moms work. Inside the home, outside the home, and everywhere in between. I've tried to deny this at different times in my life. But the…
September 25, 2018

Interview with Chelsea Clinton

I met Chelsea Clinton at the launch of her second children's book, She Persisted Around the World, at which time I told her about Raising Imagination.  I told her my desire to create a fresh platform that engages social issues through…

It’s Chelsea Clinton!

Happy Tuesday! It's our big reveal day..... Our exclusive interview is with Chelsea Clinton! Congratulations to Mary Margaret from Lexington, Kentucky for sleuthing the clues correctly.  We picked Chelsea's brain on everything from involving her young children in advocacy to…