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A few weeks ago the Raising Imagination community (that’s you!) participated in a practice act I like to call Kicking the Tyranny of the Possible in the Booty: An Exercise in Radical Imagination.

I asked you to respond to the following

If you could imagine something different for our country, what would that be? Don't let money, political party, power, fear, lack of resources, or anything else hinder your imagination. Think freely. What do you imagine?

Our responses are inspiring, difficult, moving, and most importantly, honest. They are below.  Don’t worry if you didn’t get to participate — imagine something for our country in the comments below and it will be added!

Remember, the most successful organizers tell the story of the future — and we begin creating the world we want by first speaking our dreams. Thanks for making this world a better place by being here and raising our imagination.

I imagine Universal healthcare

I imagine honest conversations about racism and the violence it’s done and continues to do in our society.

I imagine paid year-long maternity leave for all mothers

I imagine all white people – including myself – doing the work necessary to dismantle white supremacy.

I imagine free childcare for families that make less than 60K/year

I imagine forest kindergartens

I imagine foodbanks in schools

I imagine community wide compost programs

I imagine cultural diversity curriculum in high school

I imagine free college

I imagine free healthcare

I imagine better coverage of international news

I imagine that all LGBTQ+ discrimination will be eradicated from our churches.

I imagine restructuring of the police force

I imagine more paid vacation!

I imagine Permanent, full, equal rights for LGBTQ+ folks.

I imagine that immigrants will cease to be vilified and will instead be celebrated.

I imagine National Healthcare

I imagine better schools in general for children, where they learn to grow their own food and how to take good care of their bodies

I imagine colleges as places of learning and not as profit-mongering conglomeration

I imagine the elimination of the NFL and all parts of football culture and its passive acceptance of violence against women

I imagine RBG living forever and Bernie setting up shop in the WH!

I imagine safety for all. All.

I imagine everyone having the space to dream and then take steps toward their dreams.

I imagine no borders and open immigration.

I imagine the US stopping all policies and practices that cause instability in other countries so that people don’t HAVE to immigrate in order to provide for their families. But that if they wanted to, for any reason, they could freely and safely.

I imagine all political leadership positions being occupied by Indigenous peoples.

I imagine people growing food and sharing with their community.

I imagine A sense of freedom that doesn’t lessen the essence of others.

I imagine a country where parents of Black boys no longer have to have “the talk” in order to keep their sons safe from the police:

I imagine a country where voter suppression is a thing of the past and voter registration is automatic;

I imagine a country where pay equity is no longer an issue

I imagine a country where history is taught truthfully and accurately and where we not only learn but learn FROM our nation’s history;

I imagine healthcare being a right

I imagine everyone having access to quality education

I imagine a country where people do not go to jail for being poor;

I imagine a country where patriotism is not defined by a few and imposed on all;

I imagine a country where greed is not celebrated and confused with success;

I imagine a country where fear-mongering is no longer an acceptable campaign methodology

I imagine a country where immigrants are welcomed and celebrated

I imagine greater legal protection and acceptance for minorities and LGBTQ people.

I imagine more love, compassion and understanding.

I imagine living in a world where all children have their basic necessities like food, clean water, clothing and shelter.

I imagine a kinder, more compassionae, more social justice advocating electorate.

I imagine the resurgence of ‘the village’ for parents to help each other, looking out for one another and fostering an environment for children to thrive, play, learn and imagine.

I imagine us all showing each other a little bit of grace.


Now it’s your turn. What do you imagine? Which of these is sticking with you? Which do you resonate with? Which do you not?

Where do we go from here? I’m not sure … but I’m pretty happy that all these beautiful dreams manifested here — that counts for something, right?


Yes. 😉

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