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A dear friend contacted me recently (when I say dear I mean she is the reason I know my now husband & we endured grad school together) with a reflection on taking her children to a demonstration in South Carolina where they were exposed to a message that, to her surprise was one she fundamentally disagrees with.

“What do you do when the protest isn’t perfect?” she wrote to me.

Care givers of all kinds and parents, WHAT DO WE DO? Have you taken young people to a protest or demonstration or encouraged their participation in activism in some form only to jarringly be met with a message that contradicts your core values? What did you do? What should we do?

I would be honored if you shared your comments here, or feel free to email me I’ll compile your responses and add some insight of my own for a future post.

BTW, this question begs me to lift up the page @whatdowetellthekids.

If we believe the future is now, and if we believe that we have the capacity and the obligation to raise imaginations for a more just & loving world we must ask the hard questions.


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