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Faith Votes

Equipping ourselves with theological vocabulary to build political power

Religious beliefs impact voting habits. As progressive Christians, it’s imperative we are unequivocal in our belief in the Separation of Church and State and simultaneously embrace the opportunity for our faith values to enter the voting booth.

The question is how?

  • Are we aware of the ways culture has been shaped in the name of “Christianity?”
  • Do we realize the toxic marriage of Christian Nationalism + white supremacy + Politics and how that’s brought us to this specific moment in time?
  • Are we intentional about moving beyond single-issue voting because our faith calls us to an intersectional analysis?
  • Do we realize the impact our local votes have on decades of Supreme Court decisions that will either make us cringe or applaud because of our faith?
  • Do we have the tools and information we need to engage family members and friends in healthy conversation when our politics differ and yet we claim the same Religion?

Our democracy is teetering towards destruction. We must be informed, organized, and unwavering in our public Progressive Christian witness.

In this engaging, timely, and enlightening workshop, participants, with the Bible in one hand and the newspaper in the other, will:

  • Discuss a pressing social issue and learn Christianity’s role in shaping voter outcomes
  • Receive a framework for a theological approach that’s liberative and progressive
  • Examine how we can approach the voting booth with an intersectional theology
  • Gain tools for having conversations with people “on the other side of the fence” and
  • Acquire actionable advocacy steps
Current Offerings Include:

  • Abortion / Reproductive Justice
  • The Glorification of Guns
  • Ecological Justice
  • Voter Suppression
  • Patriarchy
  • LGBTQ+
Digital Workshops are 1 ½ hrs and are $1000.00*

  • This includes a pre-meeting on how best to tailor the workshop for your community.
  • Workshops can include up to 75 individuals
  • Recording the workshop is not allowed
  • For in person events, all travel and accommodations must be paid.
  • *If the price is unattainable, negotiations may be available.

To book a Faith Votes Workshop, fill out the form below.

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