A new voice for socially conscious kids, causes and communities.

Raising Imagination is the brainchild of founder Amanda Hambrick Ashcraft, who credits its’ origins to her small town roots, the curiosity and openness of her three young kids, the Presidential Election Cycle of 2016, theologians James Cone, Howard Thurman, Katie Cannon & Walter Bruggeman, activists Angela Davis, bell hooks & Audre Lorde, and her countless friends who express poignant interest in her ability to seemingly incorporate an activist lifestyle with her family.

Raising Imagination currently lives online as a movement incubator, but will expand to offer meet-ups, curriculum, programming, and conferences in the future.

Amanda is available for small group sessions, speaking engagements, or scheming sessions over coffee or wine. Contact us to inquire.

Amanda Hambrick Ashcraft

Amanda Hambrick Ashcraft (she/her)

Amanda is an Activist, Writer, Ordained Minister, Mother and Founder of Raising Imagination. Passionate about the intersection of race, faith, politics, feminism, and parenting, her work is cited on CNN, Refinery29, the Wall Street Journal, WNBC, Bust, Crooked Media, Fox News, and the Women’s March, Inc. She’s presented nationwide on topics including systemic injustice, religion, raising white children as anti-racist,  and involving young children in advocacy.  Originally from a small town in Kentucky, she’s lived for the past 14 years in New York City with her husband, 6-year-old twin boys and 4-year-old girl.

But really — Hi! I’m so glad you’re here.  I think pizazz & grit, love and justice can change the world and am interested in conversations about things that matter and things that move Us towards a liberated society.  If that’s you, too, let’s talk.