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My friend Leighanne gifted me a copy of Chelsea Clinton’s children’s book “She Persisted” for my birthday this year and love it, so it was no question when I heard she was coming out with a sequel, “She Persisted Around the World,” that I’d snag a copy.

Amazingly, Park Slope’s whimsical bookstore storiesBK hosted a reading of it at the Brooklyn Public Library last night. Thanks to my brother’s generous babysitting, we were able to have a date with just our boys.

In the burgeoning conversation about feminism, I am more sure than ever that how we raise boys is just as important as how we raise girls.

OF COURSE, we must teach girls that they can do and be whatever they want, but that only goes so far if it’s met with boys who’ve been groomed, even subconsciously, to believe that they are superior.

Several times last night I questioned our decision to go at all. My husband & I were both exhausted and we’d been hopping from borough to borough all day with three toddlers.

When it was our turn to meet Chelsea, L dramatically hit the floor face first, and Z sheepishly slunk into his dad’s arms. Total win.

Nevertheless (see what I did there!), I have zero regrets. We showed up- tired, angsty, and hungry, to sit in a crowd of hundreds to celebrate and honor a woman. Then we waited in line to meet this woman, and we heard a 7-year-old girl ask a woman about her experience in politics and potential presidency.

L and Z won’t remember the book. They won’t remember they were tired. But the experience of showing up and celebrating a woman will stay with them. I am confident of that.

PS: Check out my story for Chelsea talking about the importance of imagination when asked by 7 year old Isabella if she is going to be president one day. (It’s likely not what you think!)

I’d love to know, if you have children who identify as boys or girls, what you are doing towards this end?

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