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Karla, better known as the “love fairy,” and I met recently and what a thrill to learn she’s the founder of the “Parade for Love” now in its 4th year in NYC!  I lift up her vision, spirit, and upcoming event to you. We planned to participate, but as it happens, we will be participating in a different kind of love parade this weekend, that of honoring my Mother in Law Ann whose funeral we will attend in VA.

Karla began her platform Choose Love Now, of which the Parade for Love on Sunday, May 6th is a component, after taking a deep dive into her own heart.

“Through meditation, & introspection, and inspired by the Climate March of 2014 & the bourgeoning Black Lives Matter movement, it was a gift to me to take hold of the power I have to choose compassion and love in every moment of my life and then to figure out how to do that in a public way.”

The Parade for Love combines public movement, actions of love, beauty and listening as the tools for change.  It begins with meditations, music, art, singing, and dancing, and ends with a self-guided walk where participants are encouraged to pass out flowers to anyone they see.  Participants are asked to dress “wondrously” because Karla believes in the power that play and imagination have in opening up possibility.

What’s your ultimate dream with Choose Love Now, I asked Karla?

I desire to empower people to become activists through random acts of kindness.   To me, activism is acting on your values, and sometimes that is as easy as valuing knowing your neighbors- taking the time to look them in the eye.  We intentionally don’t march in the streets, but rather on the sidewalks, Karla explained, because the point is seeing your neighbor. You can’t do that from a distance. The parade for love is sweet and cute, but it’s more than that.  It’s a Trojan horse into a conversation about humanity and choosing the kind of future we want to have. Fear and anger move us in profound ways. So can love.

Have you participated in the Parade for Love before?  Is there something similar in your town? I can’t think of a better way to get out and meet some neighbors, spread beauty, love, and peace this weekend … except maybe celebrating my mother in law’s beautiful life.  If you attend post pictures and let me know how it was, and I’ll see you on the sidewalks next year!

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