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It’s stressful to compose the first post.

I’ve been hesitating to “begin,” thinking I need the snazziest website and first post possible. Those things may come (putting it out there Universe), but when I stop to think about my initial reason for beginning this platform, it is because I feel like I have important things to say.

Things that could possibly make this world a bit of a better place.

Every day, through ordinary experiences, I find myself and my family imagining.

And while individual imagination is great, how much greater is our collective imagination?

So why wait another day?

This morning at @middlechurch, the children created a sign after reading the book, “A Gun is Not Fun.”*

We talked about the impact guns have on communities, especially low-income communities, and how even the youngest among us can begin to be advocates for gun reform and gun safety.

We’ll be supporting the young voices leading the #studentsdemandaction#nationalschoolwalkout movement at a Rally at the Prospect Park Bandshell this Wednesday, March 14th put on by Brooklyn Borough President @bpericadams.

Want to join? Let me know! (I could use the help, I’ll be flying solo w/ 3!)

If you’re not in New York, what walkouts or demonstrations are you participating in this month to say enough is enough?

*Read more about William Electric Black’s book “A Gun is Not Fun,” and how 3,500 copies were distributed over the Lower East Side neighborhood of Manhattan by a group of determined local mothers, activists, and politicians here:

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