Imagining more for humanity.

Because imagining is the first step to creating the world we want.

At Raising Imagination, we’re examining social issues through the lenses of imagination to generate ideas, conversations, and actions that span ideological differences to inspire activism and empathy in our children, our communities and the world at large.

We believe imagination is the magical ingredient to move us towards a more just and loving world. And we believe that magic is within reach. Come! Imagine with us.

Latest Articles


Women’s History Month 2020 Tells us Everything we Already Know about the Status of Women in America

Did anyone remember this is Women's History Month?  Understandably, we're all a little fuzzy. You know, a global pandemic, children still in cages that now have COVID, inmates living in conditions that have always been inhumane and are now astronomically inhumane,…

Thanksgiving & the Danger of Unchecked Imagination

Resources for reimagining Thanksgiving for parents, educators, and anyone interested in decolonizing, rethinking and intentionally talking about the holiday Americans call Thanksgiving.
5 Ways to Liberate Mother’s Day
Wresting with the Maternal Pay Gap on Equal Pay Day
Our Muslim sisters & brothers deserve better
Leading a Revolution within herself: Vei Darling

Community Events


Support your Local Girl Gang

There is no better time to invest in girls than now. While walking on the other side of Houston Street one morning on the way to the F train, I noticed an inviting storefront with a neon sign "girls club."…

New In Resources


Living Room Conversations

“You have to have imagination to see how you can meet everyone’s core needs.” A few weeks ago I had the pleasure of speaking with feminist, activist, and political revolutionary Joan Blades, co-author of The Motherhood Manifesto, founder of Moveon.Org,…

Organization Spotlight: A Second U Foundation

Meet Hector Guadalupe, the Founder and Executive Director of A Second U Foundation, the nation’s first NGO that fuses the fitness industry & philanthropy. From time to time I will highlight inspirational people and organizations I believe elevate our collective…

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